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To quote one of the sexual offenders I interviewed, "Give me a kid who knows nothing about sex, and you've given me my next victim." While we as parents are inclined to give pre-teens and teens more freedom and less supervision, this age group is actually the most vulnerable to abuse and abduction.

We must talk frankly and often to our children about "the birds and the bees" and not allow sex offenders to educate our children for us.

Wouldn't a vigilant parent be able to detect a child molester, just by their actions? Remember, sex offenders who prey on children: Do kids and teens ever sexually abuse other children? Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics report* found that: When and where did these assaults usually happen?

Sadly, yes - and many of these juvenile offenders are victims of sexual abuse themselves. The peak time for juvenile assaults was 3 pm, after school.

A Profile of the Child Molester by Ken Wooden, with Rosemary Webb and Jennifer Mitchell During my two decades of work as an investigative reporter, I interviewed hundreds of convicted child molesters in prisons across America.

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