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limited to installation of wrong drivers, incorrect or invalid lightdm greeters, low disk space, incorrect installation of graphics card like ATI and Nvidia, incorrect configuration of file while setting up multiple monitors among others.If you are experiencing the "low-graphics mode" error when trying to login but none of the following answers work for you, please do ask a new question and then update the answers of this canonical question as and when your new question gets answered.ok i tried everything on this page, but the fix for me was to make some more room.

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80% of harddrive, so i did "rm -fr ~/user/.blah/trash" and followed up with another df -h showing 14%, so a final reboot and i was back in.

Will try to answer the ones I can: Assuming the answer by Jokerdino was already checked: The greeter is invalid This happens when a driver has a problem installing correctly (Most cases).

For this do the following: Note that if the problem occured after installing an unsupported driver from the amd site then you may have to first delete the driver you had installed.

For this, run in the tty session (i.e) in the terminal screen you get after pressing Now you must get back access to the Unity desktop(Of course with the AMD driver uninstalled).

At the time of this update the latest stable driver is This worked! Did: sudo apt-get install fglrx; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates -y; sudo apt-get update; Also reinstalled ubuntu-desktop before this, not sure if that had an effect This worked great for my virtualbox machine on my windows laptop. I was able to just boot, hit CTRL - ALT - F1 when I see the screen, then run the command for nvidia and sudo reboot. I had kept an additional kernel having one step lower version. This may help when the problem is to do with the desktop, but usually for me this type of problem comes from a combination of the graphics drivers and a kernel upgrade.

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