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The Greens education spokesperson, John Kaye, said of the classes: "If parents knew that scripture was much more than quaint stories about men gadding about in togas and Roman sandals, enrolments would plummet. Abstinence messaging and homophobia have real consequences for vulnerable young people." We had a chat with the spokesperson for the Department of Education and Communities (DEC)[Ed.

Note: have written far too many fucking acronyms today. Send help.] and were told that "principals are responsible for the implementation of the Department’s Religious Education Policy in their schools - this includes oversight of the delivery of SRE at the local level." Furthermore, "the NSW Department of Education and Communities has engaged an external provider to undertake a review of the implementation of Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Education in Ethics (SEE) in NSW government schools.

The review is underway and will inform ongoing improvement of SRE and SEE for the Department and providers." As yet there is no way to assess how many, if any, schools have used/are using the text and indeed the chief executive of Anglican Media Sydney, Russell Powell, has responded saying that the it is not supposed to be used in SRE classes.

However, it should be noted that it is clearly listed in the updated 2015 Christian Education Publications catalogue ("for years 9-12").

We can all agree that it's beyond important to keep all groups given access to schools accountable.

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