Ted how i hacked online dating bahrain dating sites

I guess I’m known for being somewhat of an online dating regular.When I turned 27 and had just moved to New York City, I declared it was going to be the “Year of the Date!

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Let me tell you, long-distance dating is....my strength. Recently I had all these crazy thoughts about doing an experiment in which I try out different dating sites (even Tinder, the infamous people-swear-by-it-but-I'm-not-convinced-it-wouldn't-make-me-feel-like-a-cheap-piece-of-meat app) and then blog about my preconceived notions and whether or not they were proven true.

I don't know, that blog experiment is still up for debate.

(Not fully convinced it wouldn't just stress me out.) (But it could be good for me.) (Would you read it?

) Not saying I'm planning on doing any hacking, but this woman is smart and hilarious.

I wish I had been there in person to laugh in the audience until I cried. So if you have a little less than 20min to kill, perhaps something to watch during lunch or before bed, here you have it!

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