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All applications to the programmes below must be for projects that will take place between 1st November 2016 and 31st October 2017.

• The projects within each application must be significantly distinct.

Employees of statutory bodies, undergraduates and postgraduates are eligible to apply but they must prove that the funds which they are seeking are for work/costs which are not properly the concern of their employer and/or are not related to their academic study.

Employees of statutory bodies, undergraduates and postgraduates must submit evidence of this in the form of a letter on headed paper from their Head of Department (see Section 5.4 on the application form).

In the case of post-graduate students, the letter must clearly state the title of the student’s Ph D thesis and include a declaration by the Head of Department that “The project for which funds are being sought does not form part of any academic work undertaken in relation to the above-titled Ph D nor will it be assessed as part of any academic course”.

Please note that the Arts Council may use its own judgement in determining this matter.

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