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Regarding pole arms, George Silver recommended two particular lengths for pole arms: (1) long pole weapons ("short staff, half pike, forest bill, partisan, and gleve") should be roughly as high as you can reach plus the width of your grip, which comes to ~ 240 cm ~ 8 feet to ~ 280 cm ~ 9 feet.(2) medium pole weapons ("battle axe, halberd, or black bill") should be roughly man height.

The historical periods cover range from Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, U. I had also set up the channel for the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

There are of course many other videos and channels at You Tube.

The videos that I'm going to list here are ones that are not at You Tube!

There are also martial arts shows mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Links that lead to off-site pages about martial arts (MAs).

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