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School-based Programs to Reduce Sexual Risk Behavior: Review of Effectiveness, states that, ?

If effective programs are implemented in our nation’ s schools, they can have and important impact upon reducing sexual risk-taking behavior…? provide and effective component in a large overall strategy to reduce unintended pregnancy, STD and HIV?

One out of ten America teenage girl under the age of 20 get pregnant each year (Berne .18).

That’s over one million teenage girls in our country alone. School-Based Program To Reduce Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors: Sexuality and HIV/AIDS Education, Health Clinics And Condom Availability Programs.class handout. Pilpel, Harriet and Rockett, Laurie, Sex Education in the Eighties: Sex Education and the Law, New York, Plenum Press, 1981.

Kids who live in poor and or broken homes do poorly at school, have no interest in college, and whose parents have low education; are one to three years younger the first time they engaged in sexual intercourse(Berne .4). — Dealing with the Reality of Teen Sexual Behavior, class handout, 1994.

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