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I hope you've enjoyed this brief overview of the Toronto Public Library's Russian collection.Let me know if you have any questions or comments and please share your favorite Russian books, movies, music or other library material below.Jean-Claude Van Damme's work with Universal Studios from 1990-1996For more about Van Damme 5-Movie Action Pack and the Van Damme 5-Movie Action Pack Blu-ray release, see Van Damme 5-Movie Action Pack Blu-ray Review published by To celebrate their relationship with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, Universal has issued the "Van Damme 5-Movie Action Pack," a sampler of the screen hero's early career during the 1990s.

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Are you looking to get the latest copy of Weekly akhar-e-jehan Karachi or Khawateen?

Or maybe you want to settle down for a good read from Ibne Safi?

Visit one of the 17 branches listed below, which carry Urdu materials including books, CDs, DVDs and magazines.

If you can’t visit one of the 17 branches to browse their collection, there is another option for getting the item you want.

Just look up the title or author/performer of the book or movie on our website (search is only available in Latin alphabet) and place a hold on the material.

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