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I just knew that I was interested in this unnamed discipline that would help me understand human beings better. Continue Reading Interview I did my undergraduate work at Penn State University, a Master’s degree at Michigan State and got my doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Florida State. After getting my Ph D, I hung around in Tallahassee, Florida for a bit, worked, stayed on at the place where I’d done an internship.

Left there, took a job in Brooklyn, New York, at an outpatient psychiatric clinic, and there some of my interests around issues of diversity and race began to crystallize.

I realized after working at the outpatient psychiatric clinic that my training had prepared me in a way that I was a pretty good, decent white therapist.

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I realized at that point that I was poorly trained and oftentimes challenged very directly by clients of color about the ways in which they felt I was not understanding or appreciative of their experiences; that was very enlightening for me.

What I mean is that I had gone to predominately white schools.

I struggled with how to take the theories and conceptual models I was exposed to and massage them to apply to individuals and families of color; I was pretty much left to do that myself.

There wasn’t someone to oversee, guide, and mentor me for that.

Today I want to talk to you about your work in ethnic studies, diversity, and social justice with a particular emphasis on how that impacts the work we do in psychotherapy.

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