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However you like to do it, dating is a dangerous game.While Internet dating can open many doors for daters, you need to be […] No matter how you try to go about it or where you do it, finding a perfect match can be a little bit difficult at times.Online love is a solution that many people favor in this day and age.

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That’s true for internet dating, as well as, […] The sooner you realize this sad but true fact, the sooner you can get on with finding Mr. Prince Charming, riding on a white stallion, lost his way or found Princess Charming and got married on his way to your castle.

Excuse the pun, but zombies have been done to death haven’t they?

They went from the next big monster fad, to dulled by repetition before most of us even had a chance to get scared.

But for those wanting their next scare, I implore you to rethink any zombie burnout you may have, and check out Charlie Higson’s (yes, that Charlie Higson) frankly terrifying and incredible horror series.

In the author’s own words, the seven volume series (of which six have been published) is about ‘a disease has hit the planet that only affects the older people.

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