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These improvements are being implemented as quickly as possible, but without taking any short-cuts or in any way compromising the rigor of our new security system.

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Williams, of Chicago, was charged with one count of felony forgery in Shelby County on Tuesday. Bank, at the corner of Mc Pherson and Marion Streets reported smelling the odor that is added to natural gas.

He was arrested after authorities investigated several reports of counterfeit bills being passed at north Missouri businesses. As a precaution, the bank was evacuated and police and fire crews closed down streets in the area.

Also, Laclede City officials say an additional water main break in Laclede Thursday night caused additional problems, so Laclede residents can expect the boil advisory to continue thru Saturday evening at 7pm.

Two of the most discussed veto overrides were Senate Bill 1631, which will allow voters to decide whether a photo ID should be required to vote – that issue will be on the November ballot…and Senate Bill 646, which will expand the right to legally carry concealed weapons.

A Michigan truck driver was treated for moderate injuries after his tractor-trailer collided with a train at a railroad crossing on Highway 24, just west of Holliday, in Monroe County, early Tuesday morning.69 year old Jack Schenk, of Carrollton, entered the Alford Plea, which is not an admission of guilt, but an agreement that there is enough evidence for a conviction, on four counts of child molestation.10 year old Jozie Rorebeck, of Trenton, was life-flighted to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and 52 year old Devin Mc Guire, of Brimson, was flown to St.

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