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My bf and I were dating and extremely into each other..

We arrived early and found one of the units was unlocked. 20 minutes of amazing sex knowing the cops were out side the door..told them we got bored. I went with my cousin's friend Jack to the cinema yesterday to see the new Superman movie..didn't get to watch most of it haha!

We were walking around and one thing led to another. On of my favorite memories was on a grey hound bus. The cinema was pretty empty, probably because it was a Wednesday lunchtime.

A boyfriend I had at the time where traveling south to see his family. I would cuddle next to him and just relax with him. From a quick glance I could see there were a few teenage boys right at...

The daylight went away and haft the bus were listen head phones our asleep. It was a nice hot summer afternoon, I was cyling as schoolgirl with my short grey pleaded skirt and wonderful crispy white school blouse without a tie, just few top unbuttons reveiling my pretty low plung bras (I did have lovely young school girlish 38b breasts). at a river thing that everyone where I lives goes to in the summer(I was caught there but i don't think they realized what was going on) I've been fingered on the school bus umm on my front porch, at a creek, in the woods, I gave my ex road head in broad daylight on a busy... but having sex in a movie theatre was on my bucket list, and I finally got to cross it off.

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