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We think of doing things in our 20s - there's nothing wrong with doing things in our 50s and 60s." A five-week trip to Greece and Norway turned into an extended visit, and Jill is currently housesitting in London while Lloyd does some business at home.

He'll return to her shortly, then in November the globetrotting couple will come back home.

Of his marriage Lloyd says, "I've had fascinating seven years, it's been absolutely brilliant".

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It has long been seen as a less romantic way of meeting Mr Right.

But finding love over the internet is a good way of meeting a marriage partner, research has showed.

It found that one in five of those who have used dating sites to find their perfect partner have gone on to marry someone they met over the web. , also revealed that more than half of the 1,504 people questioned had been on a date with someone they met in cyberspace.

Sixty-two per cent agreed that it was easier to meet someone on a dating site than in other ways, such as in a pub or club, or through friends.

WHEN Lloyd Hunt joined e Harmony, he "put his future in the hands of God", at the same time Jillian Kerr decided "the time of being alone was over and I would like to find a life partner". The long-distance relationship was an idea opportunity to get to know one another, Jill said.

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