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Pokémon was originally brought over to Russia by Sargona Ltd., which sold English-language cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The Pokémon anime was first shown on ORT (now known as Channel One), which is the main television station in Russia.

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The Russian version of the anime retains all of the English character names to match the Pokémon TCG cards that had been already released.

While the translation quality of the Russian dub is considered to be high by most fans, a few changes had been made.

For example, some locations had slightly different names, such as Dark City being retitled .

However, the lyrics to Pokémon Theme were later retranslated and used in the last episodes of Indigo League.

Many fans wrote to TV channels asking them to air the anime, but the only appearance of Pokémon on Russian TV was the airing of The Power of One and Pokémon 4Ever on ORT at am. Unlike TNT, both the tenth season and Battle Dimension have been aired fully.

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