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There's a new hair band in town -- but perhaps not the kind you'd expect.

Pet snack brand Temptations introduces the Electric Furs, an outfit made of singing and instrument-playing cats who perform a kitty rendition of Simple Minds' pop classic "Don't You (Forget About Me)." The new music video is part of the brand's new "Treat Them Too" campaign, created out of Adam & Eve/DDB London.

It tells the story of a kitty who pines away at his shopping-addicted owner, reminding her not to forget about him as she peruses purses, shoes and more at the mall.

Adam & Eve's revamped lyrics add to the comedy and drama -- as in one verse when the original song's famous "la, la, la"s become "meow, meow, meow"s.

Directed by Ninian Doff, the clip seems straight out of the '80s, thanks to the fact that it was shot all in-camera with no VFX and that the finished film was ultimately recorded to VHS.

The film is the first of a series of videos promoting the new campaign.

Cut-downs of the clip will also air on broadcast and on social channels.

The ancient Egyptians loved them, and modern day Brits do too, with around 8.5 million pet cats in the UK!

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