Online dating sites useless

But notice how these companies rarely (if ever) publish empirical information on the dating success of their users. What percentage of dates turned into relationships?

They might share a few testimonials (with happy “relfies”) from some couples, but what actual percentage of users found what they were looking for? What’s the long-term relationship satisfaction of those users?

On average, how much money does a user have to give up (to a pay-subscription site) before they have dating success?

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People tend to assume positive characteristics about others based on physical attractiveness, even though these perceptions are not accurate.

This bias for beauty has been shown in all types of contexts that are not limited to online dating.

A classic study from the 60s on in-person dating found that a date’s hot body/face predicted romantic attraction more than personality traits, intelligence, popularity/charisma, mental health, and self-esteem.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some results from OKCupid’s data crunching show similar findings.

(Profile) Pictures matter a lot more that text on a profile in terms of eliciting attraction.

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