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When, just after the news spread about Lamar’s drunken state on the plane, a fan slammed Kardashian for not caring for her estranged husband, the The critical fan attacked Khloe for hooking up with Trey, known for “Mr. “@khloekardashian instead of running the streets with Mr.!

steal your girl,” posted the critic, “you need to be helping your HUSBAND.” Kardashian promptly tweeted back in an angry rant.

Khloe has traveled a long and rocky road in her relationship with Lamar, and the problems did not end when she filed for divorce from him in December 2013.

Before the initial divorce process was completed, Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel after an almost fatal overdose.

After Lamar had been removed from the plane, he headed to the Delta Sky Club. Indications that Odom is having problems did not end with the plane incident.

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