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Worse because this was my no-dating March and I only made it to March 7 on that pledge.

The melodrama seems unjustified and heartless, too, when I think about how I walked out on my marriage and made my ex feel.

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Then this happened: I received a message beginning “and checked out the profile to see if it was as uninteresting as the message itself. Most people seem to take a hint–if I don’t respond, they understand I am not interested and move on.

The fact that men could see when I’d visited their profiles never seemed worrisome enough to warrant and upgrade (paid subscription) to view them anonymously. ) that I might not be swooning over his profile or if he was chiding me for not giving him the courtesy of a response.

) My quick check of his profile revealed: I wasn’t sure if he meant to convey shock (shock!

I get a lot of messages and don’t feel like I have to spend all my time responding to every one of them. Showing good manners I wrote: “Thanks for writing but I feel we’re not a good match.

Especially if it’s just a couple sentences and someone who seems blatantly not a match and could figure that out on his own if he’d bothered to read my profile rather than just look at my photos. I wish you the best of luck out there.” That, I figured, was the end of it.

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