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— Thomas' Declara- tion in "Telegraph' .»» Through pressure of Broadway bookings, "The Handy Man," first called "Odd Jobs," a play pro- duced by the Sam Comley Produc- tions, Inc. Comley is one of the business heads of the "Telegraph." Recently Thomas defined "The (Continued on page 6)1) A secret drive for evidence haa been started by District Attorney Banton's offllc* against theatr* tick M agencies believed to b« charging more than the legal pre- mium of 60 cents over the box offlc* price, permitted by New York stat- ute, also the Federal law.

Ul Pnkllahvd Weekly at lt4 Wa M 4tth St., New York. He (Continued on page 6) GYP Tld ET STANDS UNDER CURRENT SECRET INVESTIGATION New York's Prosecutor Has Own Force 9oying Thea- tre Tickets of G]rps — ^Violation of State Statute-^ Hotel Stands ''Digs*' at 50c Premium THOMAS' PLAY IN HOUSE OF SHUBERTS Handy Man" at 39th St. Thomas, publisher of the "Morning Telegraph), will open at the 39th Street, a Shubert theatre, next week.

Helen Holmes, Carl Miller, (Continued on page 34) 1ST SQUAWK ON RADIO CONCERT For the flrst time in the history of Now York radio broadcasting the first objection against the calibre of "concerts" has been registered with the New York Police department.

The bunch, which was composed of Cullen Landis, Phyllis Ha Ver, Bryant Washburn, Anna May Wong.

If the "doings" of the party were written Into a comedy picture it should be a good one, and would at least give the "colony" at Holly- wood a real laugh.

The whole theatrical and amuse- ment town is laughing at the out- come of the four days' visit of the "Twelve Famous Hollywood Movie 8tars," representing the flower of the Cosmic Production Company's "names." The limited stay here was replete with surprises, parties, personal ap- pearances, a show that flopped, a visit from the sherilf, with an at- tachment on the box office, auto- mobile rides, a bad check given to an orchestra, and a last minute get-away to fill a date at a small Kansas town.

Their revo- lutions are said to have covered n distance of over two miles. Qoodman, who tes- tified that the head of the Ke4th- Albee vaudeville interests was on the advisory board of the soldiers' league.

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