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Here are the best products and the smartest advice we’ve found on keeping bugs out of your life.We refreshed this guide by beefing up the mosquitoes section with more research, adding two more suggestions for keeping mosquitoes at bay (oscillating fan and yellow bug light), and reporting back on our (failed) attempts to grow carnivorous plants.

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The Executioner is the weapon of choice for actively hunting down insects that fly or are too large to squish without making a mess.

It’s more effective and less messy than a fly swatter and will let you take out bugs in a variety of circumstances. This tennis-racket-shaped device electrocutes flying insects, killing or stunning them so you can clean them up without making a mess.

Though made of plastic, it’s sturdily built, especially when compared with the Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper, and runs on included AA batteries.

Of the tennis-racket-shaped bug zappers available, this one had favorable reviews—4.1 stars (out of five) across 1,739 reviews on Amazon—and no indication that it’s prone to falling apart while being swung around the home.

This one is more expensive than most but it's very well made . It's a well received gift you can make better by including batteries . Shorts out internally in the humid Florida weather Looks like high quality but isn't. Looks good as its packaged for the American market, but still shorts out internally.

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