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+ Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. + Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Though we propofed to folicit the Government for an* AN K UAL PARLIA- MENT, yet I myfelf, and man/ of our members, were very far from coming to any certain conclufion on that fubje£t.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. 996, ycu there finiur me v^ich 1 fariisg word ; and I take this opportunity uf aek Dowlvdgi De it. 'We coofidered, that a general eledioa ufually produces riots, dninkcnhefsy biibery,, perjury, quarrciline, fighting, rancour, and animofity, wherever ttt ' influence extends; that fathers, bro- thers, Ions, and other relations, are.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. T'.c laft is, 1 liulicve, uuifl- ncd to the hundred of Sparkcnhue, m Leicedcrfliire. I THOUGHT onr corrcfpottdence w Auld huve ended before this; but Z find in the Gcntleman't Migizinc, vol. With refpc A to mjr being aole to pro- duce any more dccifive Ta At than ivhat 1 have doo C| at this diflance of timej it it impfil Bble. D'lfraeli, related your anecdoic with that moderation and modefty, which a iiocere and dinnterefted to*? did not mean co mifrep/eftnt the do£li iue of the Church of Eagiaod ; but hn mif- wthean f'yilem. l\c cer« taioly wouid be no lofcr by an atteritiva perufnli 8 Burton's Lciccftcrniire. [Janl - ; erc D after, be had read it oyer ^ bsfnre. frequently divided into oppofiie parties, and from that moment become invete- rate enemies to one another. Gray will revile the Lcticrs give fb lively a defcrjption of his tour, * Compare tljc nights of the French and Euglifh bc/ore tiie battle of Agincourt, in ^Itfi*] ^^ f^ imprmng a new .

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. but one will be f'u good, pcrliapt, throu|;h the medium of \our very valu ibic Mifccllauy, to give uini a full and accurate account of inefe cxcclleot charities. 5« FROM your ▼aluablc Mn, zmc I receive monthly no fmall lh4rc of pleafure and ioftrufliou, and in m turn fiave oceafi^nmlljf contributed to the a- inufement and inforiiation of fume of your numerous readers. 1 have given, and I now continue to give you, the befl which ever could be had, and that 11, the un- equivocal exculpation of the gentleman on whofc memorandum this calumny liat been fabricated. e of' truth can alone demand, however greatly X might hafc been (hocked ar ynur narra- tion, 1 fiiould not have felt that indig- nation aj^ainll you which I confefs i did I and 1 glory in the avowal. Ma L"vnlay wnb ever denied aeoals to the Moletim is, 1 believe, a very €a/ummdu4 ajt ftf.n ; and it iy very eafy, •ven at this dil^aure of ' imc, to txaminr tin: ti-uth of il. Jobofi Hi co«fiii-tcmi M to Cbri Nlhis Ford, die Drnnintr Mrfmt B w Hogsfth't Mcdf TH ff U^kt Cmrni T' /Mm. Ooe of tbcic bcisg ifkifllriiy ji' mirrepcefnttiaoa, ont #nri«; agam to a future happy ft&te of axificace i do, tlere/$ret commit the body of ihe He- ceafed to the ground. He might afcer« wardii adhere to ir, or difl'ent from it, at Mr. I lately took it into my hetd ^ to in Hru.f V a young fad% in the grammar of hern: Ytive tonpue; pnd' am much in- debted to her for the D-eafure aff'rded roc of re-peru(ing the Bifliop's •* Infli- tutes." From •« Two Grammatical Eifats, London, 1768,** he fays, •' It. If thefc fccnfes of confulion, druakennefs, and hoftility, were to be repeaud every ycar» annual parliaments, we were inclined to apprehend, would be deftni€^ive to th6 morals, the peacei and happinefs, of fociety. E£im 9/ H^, Gi Tj's Tonu 3^ Mb A d My apptprl B % lecoiid editto Bt IMA- yo^ti W M fnc K t Btecnrtciet ht I cm «ntir co«ft4c9CJto 'poiat out, to- ■nl Uririik • fetv t MBsrfct which are Makiad:iu bii fu Ag Mitnty and an in- fafi— a C wkiab la your jmxc Magaiina wilic Miga ymir occafional corrcfpoa- Vl ATOK A.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. ; End will l Obly adi\ u)at I liave heard, or read, of a Mr. Prom your H^ine alone (fetting afide former CX* pcr Unce} 1 uced not doubt your vr* ba»ttf to rp Hre a column for the fo luw* in|* letter, which hascenainly fomeihing of the MU:t^ in it if nur of liie dm Uti but fore ',8nd it poiliblc (tor «n lonve inllancrs u may. He (bojld fiudy evci^y ho^ottraif U method to conciliate tbe af- fe£)iun N ot hi» people t Awaida him, that they may brii U re(pe£l the cfiicc and love the man j aow» the fame caufit which fo much debars me of focieiy will probably deb^r me from ever aitaiftaing i Q the iionoun and advantages of the xvorld i for 1 cannot ^n/irr, nor fav yes ! but always fpeak with that upright and downright fincrrity which i wifli others to fpcak to me. If you will take the trouble torecolle A the unwarnintable and very abuiive terms with which you c Anveved )our infor- mation, you rauft ackno\vled{,e that fuch Luifuage wak by nu means necaf- iiiry. All i Ik pi-i K-coili Mgs (.f the fruilccs of \\'.t Mu K-f.n »ie fai Uifnl'.v re- corded iff the refped Hva •Mmutet 1 and^ if any vr^ §f the lakmft mtftirt wai tvir nuiep it will tliere be fuoi Ml fmrfy emttrtd ** if yauy therefiure, am defiraa to via- dicnui the refpecta Ue chara Aar of Mb. hii been very rightly obfcrred, rhat the" Trrb baif, in the common phr»fe / ha J ratter, is not properly ufcd, either at an aflive or auxiliary verb ; that, being in the paft time, it cannor, in this cafe, be properly cxprcdifc of the prefent time ; and th-r it '\% by ro means ledu* C'bte to any grammaticn! In truth, it feemt to have ariftafrom a iniftake, in refo Uine: ih? This remark is truly ex- relient; and yet how few exemplify it I Even the learned Lowh himftif foigeia it; before the conclufioi of his Gram- mar. wu Jit.'9/h ferpriifgere mit iilm Un frgtfi The Jefmi Sf are the inhabitants of Jifui College : the Cbrifiiau Sf thofe of ^brifl's : the Jobut MH begs were origi- nally remarkable, on account of the fqnalid figures and low habits of the Jlmdemts^ and efpecidlty of ihe^Cs^rj, of Saint J§bn*s College : Catharine-Puri" tmnty inhabitants of Catharine Haii » fo ponningly called »frnm xa^ak^^v.

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