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And remember, there are many more expensive dual-USB power banks out there which have hardwired 2.1A and 1A ports, and which can’t even promise a combined 3.1A rate.

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High capacity aside, the 16,000m Ah Mi Power Bank also comes with two USB charging outputs, thus answering the main complaint I’ve for the 10,400m Ah version.

Both ports support a 2.1A output current, but the combined rate is pegged at 3.6A (over 5.1V).

What this means is that if you were to connect only one device to the power bank, either port is capable of 2.1A charging.

However, when both ports are used, you don’t get a total output of 4.2A; instead, it’s limited to 3.6A. Yes; in my tests, when used independently, each port was well capable of 2.1A output current.

In fact, they went above 2.1A (voltage will regulate accordingly) in many occasions.

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