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Thousands of volunteers, from many different countries, speaking different languages and from many different cultures and religions have acted together to protect their environment by removing tons of waste from the Mediterranean beaches and coastline.

Different studies, have shown that the contamination of the Mediterranean Sea is very high and the level of plastic waste is beyond critical.

For this reason, with Clean Up the MED we want not only make actions of removing waste but also raising awareness and educating the community on the importance of reduce the pollution released into the sea.

Since 1997 Legambiente Turismo has worked to help tourist businesses to reduce tourist impacts in the destination and raise awareness in holiday makers, while enhancing quality and comfort and involving local businesses and tourists in more sustainable choices.

The ecolabel aims to improve environmental management in tourist services by minimising waste, recycling, using less water and energy, promoting soft mobility practices, healthy food and typical local produce and products, promoting local nature and culture heritage.

These objectives are listed in a Decalogue and implemented by adequate criteria and measures that are agreed with local stakeholders.

Though membership is individual, usually businesses join as destination based groups under a local agreement. This helps implementation of criteria and reinforces communication.

Partners (business associations, tourist boards) and local authorities (municipalities, parks) cooperate with Legambiente Turismo by ensuring support to the businesses and necessary services towards sustainability (e. Legambiente Turismo ensures criteria reliability, standard monitoring and annual onsite auditing to maintain credibility of the scheme towards participating businesses and the public (under Visit Common Basic Standards).

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