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I haven't seen Dream High yet and but I know some fans were wanting the opportunity to see both Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon to star together at some point. I can't wait to see his Dream High season 2, love him in all movies that he played! although you was old,but your face still young...:) I very2 like your acting in Winter Sonata Kdrama.... Also discreet about his private life, which is s/thing I really appreciate in an actor/actress (by definition and probably in order to survive in the trait, their egos are huge and usually bouncing on walls). I just wanna say that now this drama is a bit outdated cuz it was produced almost 10 years ago and it may not have the influence which it had 10 years ago. I was a teenager when i first saw him in that drama.

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I asked her what the most common complaint was for people using our service.

Her response was not what I expected: “People want us to deliver the perfect match to them immediately.

They get really disappointed if they have not seen anyone they are interested in — even after just a week or two on the site. As you likely know, e Harmony is really about pairing you up with someone you can have a lasting, quality relationship with.

So I would say the biggest issue is a lack of patience.” I have to admit; I wondered how people could have such an expectation (then realized this was the perfect blog topic! In today’s world, we are very spoiled by the ability to pretty much have anything we want almost instantaneously. This is by no means the equivalent to purchasing anything else online.

im your number one fans here in the Philippines, I'm hoping that I will meet you in person one day, I love winter sonata so much, I love you Bae. Winter Sonata is the only TV series I have ever watched and watched many, many times since 2003. And, by the way, I'd love to know the name of his dentist. Every time i watched WS, byj was in my dreams every night...i was hugging him & crying a lot in my dreams... And I'm really surprise and happy when you came out in Dream High Drama (but only for a few episodes, and It's OK). I hope Yong-jun oppa still become producer & cast again cause in DH1, he played too little (cause his health problem).

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