Indian online dating app

There are some decent dating apps such as Tinder and Badoo, where you can find decent amount of girls.You can manage to get matches in either of the apps and can get into real dating(offline), if and only if you are really really lucky!But my question to you is what do you actually mean by dating?

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Let me briefly explain you what happens in the dating sites (especially India): Note: I am not talking about the really good-looking Men who workout daily and maintain themselves almost equivalent to a movie-star, but for a normal man who is dreaming about a caring partner, the above steps are just an advice.

My experience wasn't as rosy as most Quorans reported theirs to be.

I made my first Tinder profile on the last seat of my college lecture hall through my friends phone , ‘just for fun’.

And since my girlfriend and I were making the account together we thought it'd only be reasonable to have both our faces in it I.e fuse them .

My experience on Tinder however did give me an insight on the reality of virtual dating platforms.

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