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The Nelson resident who contested the Kawerau mayoralty three years ago, said he would vigorously defend the charges and denied being a "sexual deviant".

The charges, laid on Thursday, relate to recordings allegedly made in June and July 2008.

The woman, who describes herself as an average Kiwi single mum, said she had no idea she had been filmed until she was confronted with stills, including images of her in bed with a man.

Norris told the Herald On Sunday he printed them because the woman was sleeping with a married man whose wife had a right to see the images, and any other "red-blooded male" would have done the same.

But the woman said the sex was lawful, between two consenting adults and was never meant to have been made public.

The detective who headed the investigation said it was an unusual case and the allegations involved "gross invasion of a person's privacy".

The woman is among five witnesses whose identities have been suppressed.

It was a curious case because it was always at a particular location, on a particular bench in the Masinde Muliro Garden, Kakamega in Kenya.

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