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This show is all kinds of ridiculous hahaha but I love the humor and light-hearted feel. Then again that's when I got a bit confused in the manga.And Nozaki's ridiculous deadpan goes really well with Sakura and Mikorin who are more energetic characters.5/5 very solid episode of an already very solid show, definitely the show I've been surprised the most by so far this season. The way he was playing the game as his manga character was great.

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Those guys made a terrible mistake by letting Kashima go to the mixer with them.

LOL this episode was so freaking funny, they went to the BL route and the mixer was backfired at the end there XD.

Nice to have Mikorin a lot of screen time in here, and having a nice personality instead of having a punkish personality XD.

The comedy was on point, and the characters were too likable in here.

Nozaki and Mikorin are pretty terrible with girls while Sakura is terrible with the Mixer XD. Couldn't stop laughing the whole episode, glad to see the show keeping up with the "Bicycle scene" level of humor.

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