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While attending college King went on to compose the score for two musicals: Siempre Verde and Tilín Larín.

He also entered the Festival de la Canción del Sistema ITESM (a renowned songwriting competition in Mexico) and won four major awards with his song "Vive": Best Lyric, Best Music, People's Choice Award and Song of the Year.

The group disbanded after a couple of years, but in 2002 the Velderráin brothers (now as a band named Maqina.

Love) and King collaborated in a pop compilation, Kemado Master, released regionally by Peerless/MCM/Warner Music.

King's first single as a solo act, "Chubidubi", first received airplay in April 2002.

However, without further support from the label and a well-organized tour, support in radio and record sales stalled.

Héctor King (born May 4, 1982) is a Mexican recording artist who has worked in Latin America as well as the United States.

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