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Public Bookshelf has a wide selection of fact-based books in addition to its popular categories of biographies & memoir books, spirituality books, self-help books, sex & relationship books, cookbooks and cooking books as well as books on sports, computers & technology and arts and craft books. Take a look at expert-written books filled with useful information that may apply to your personal life, professional success or recreational interests.You may find a new vacation destination, a career option you had never thought of or a timesaving method for organizing your life. When reading about issues that may have a legal or financial impact on your life, always consult a secondary source, such as your accountant or attorney.

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Categories: Parenting, Self-help, Other Non-fiction This is the little-known story of Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of alternating current, the father of radar, robotics and wireless transmission.

He changed the course of events worldwide but he was never given the accolades he deserved.

Categories: Biographies & Memoirs, History, Other Non-fiction This is a well-researched, detailed history of the musicians and music of the jazz form.

It covers the various trends, venues and geographical influences that contributed to the music form called jazz.

Categories: Entertainment, History, Other Non-fiction Making music together can help our culture heal and builds community by providing a powerful and unique model.

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