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You need to read "The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James.

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That's what I call mass conformity..of the last barbaric acts largely acceptable in our society? (It is not traditionally practiced in Asian societies, and must have mortified them to discover what we do to our babies.) I'll wear my snuggly winter-warm garments, symbol of sacred things to hold to heart, of hopes/ideals to strive for, and nothing more complicated than that, but wish they'd left my John alone.

Read here for a relatively respectful approach to an outsider's take on the Mormon garment (and on Mormons): Mitt Romney's Underwear When I was a missionary in the Caribbean, I was an AP and living in house with my comp and two other office guys.

I think we we're having a "match" fight, throwing lit wooden matches at each other (the house was all concrete, cinder block and tile so no worries).

Well one guy decides to try some "blue darts" which I had never seen or tried before.

We all managed to get one or two off, but it was the GA's grandson (my comp) that did the big ripper.

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