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Welcome to Rick Behnke Handyman Service, providing residential and light commercial handyman service to Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas.

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I have personally been on dozens of hunger missions and was blessed beyond words!

When you begin to help people around you in your neighborhood, you become a ‘Home Missionary! We’ve taken all the guess work of figuring out who is in need and who is just looking for a handout.

If we define the whole idea of a mission or missionary according to Scripture, we will find that every follower of Christ is expected to fulfill the role of a missionary when he or she has decided to believe on Jesus and want to be his disciple and make disciples. At, We believe there is a hunger in each one of us that wants to help when help is REALLY needed. It may seem overwhelming to think about the needs of all the families struggling to keep food and resources in the home, but when you stand with us and countless others to say yes to the call, something miraculous happens; together we all make a HUGE difference in the lives of our neighbors!

Listen to what the word of the Lord has to say: Do you see yourself traveling abroad fulfilling God’s purpose in your life? Seriously, if you are like us, when a neighbor down the street is going hungry tonight and you just threw your leftovers down the garbage disposal wouldn’t you rather feed an empty stomach and desperate soul?

In includes an Ohio Lakes and Rivers exhibit, showcasing some local aquatic life.

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