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The film was a box office hit of the Brazilian cinema and also had major repercussions internationally.

In 1983, she starred Gabriela, alongside Marcello Mastroianni.

Braga also served in Tieta of Agreste (1996), directed by Carlos Diegues.

After that, she joined a theater group in presentations in the ABC Paulista region.

The following year, she was invited to perform in A Menina do Veleiro Azul, a soap opera produced by TV Excelsior, but the network closed before the soap opera aired.

Despite the success on stages and acting in soap operas, it was in the television series, Vila Sésamo, displayed in 1972, that Braga became a household name.

After, Braga was invited to join the cast of Irmãos Coragem (1970), a soap opera written by Janete Clair, which aired on Rede Globo.

In 1975, Braga starred in the telenovela Gabriela, in an adaptation of Jorge Amado's novel Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon.

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