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Many (if not most) of these estimates are wild guesses and often quite obviously wrong & some individuals are listed in [26] with multiple estimates covering more than a century.Care is also necessary in assembling families from [26] since in several cases families from different generations with the same parental Christian names have been mixed up, the mother's maiden name non-withstanding.Where possible I have gone with the genealogies as listed in the various visitations - whilst these are known to contain inaccuracies, both unintentional and deliberate (some families of the time created genealogies in an attempt to justify their claim to arms), they were prepared by contemporaries or within a few generations of the individuals listed (as distinct from a possible descendant over 500 years after they died).

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Upper and lower ranges of estimates in preceding generations are made assuming the father was 40 (earlier limit of range) or 20 years old (most recent limit of range).

Whilst it is possible the father was outside of these ages, it is unlikely.

Nonetheless, the ranges should be taken as a guide only.

The upper & lower estimates are applied to each generation, hence with each preceding generation the DOB range increases.

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