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The voting feature will be enabled once the thread gets populated. My answer to that is that if they think my voice is monotone, let them hear me type!MORE I'm told it came out fine, although as the interviewee I felt that the filming ended before I began to talk. Besides, that expressionlessness is used to disguise my very emotional gentle side - except when it's used to disguise my wild and crazy Party animal side.

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Escapists santa's sweatshop online dating

I had just what he wanted, since this was Thanksgiving and all. "To call yourself advanced you must take at least three diversity training classes. " MORE Let me, Dear God, shift the paradigm on this Thanksgiving and blissfully give thanks for the gift of government, and thank the government for the gift of taxes. Give me peace of mind as I rejoice in filling out forms and returning money to its rightful owner, the government.

His name was Ollie and he came to Earth looking for an honest, self-reliant, optimistic, and technically inclined nation that could benefit from a contact with his more advanced civilization. Keep me joyous, I pray, as I write out those checks.

Yea, Lord, we know that there is little reason to be joyous with this Administration's imperialism and impending rape of the Iranian peaceful energy program, but the thought of a new tax year still brings to us a swelling tear of joy.

And whisper to me, Lord, all the good reasons that I send my money to my government every year.

How did the ancient mass media report the alleged birth of Christ?

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