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His party has bludgeoned ahead with public sector reform including the ill-fated PFI and PPP initiatives that place fundamental services such as schools and hospitals in the control of the private sector for massive financial returns.

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There is nothing inevitable about this injustice, an injustice that damages children's health, education and wellbeing in profound ways."Scotland is a wealthy nation and is energy rich and I find it disgusting that those in power over the last four decades have squandered this wealth leaving those most vulnerable in society to pay the price.

The question of Scotland's constitutional future will be talked about a lot in the next few years and I would urge each and every one of you reading this letter to reflect on what type of future you would like.

I, for one, would like my children to grow up with a new confidence and increased prosperity in a country that uses its own resources to fund a better quality of life for its citizens and turns its back on the politics of fear pedalled by London which is, even now, trying to convince us that it is in our best interests to borrow 100 billion pounds to buy itself out of a financial crisis that it presided over. I am also very fortunate to have good friends who visit me with shopping every day.

I wonder what would happen if a future government made a rule – money or service? – Yours, etc., By its own admission it ran its campaign to motivate its own voters by doing two things, scaremongering and launching vicious personal attacks on the other candidates without any facts and promising to deliver Lindsay's action plan.

Mr Roy was campaigning against a backdrop that shows Fife Constabulary, with the help and support of their partners and the public, tabled the highest drop in recorded crime in the country, down 16 per cent (double the Scottish average).

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