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And I'm touched not so much by the unlikely proximity of kitsch and truth…

as by the truth that's found within the kitsch, at the end of a long train of thought and emotion that began with falsity.

(Jonathan Rosenbaum) »Film adaptions - we could include remakes - are understood as hypertextes (new films) derived from preexisting hypotexts (literary or other textualised sources) that have been transformed through a particular series oder operations, inculing "selection, amplification, concretisation, actualisation, critique, extrapolation, analogisation, popularisation, and reculturalisation.

(...) The language of translation suggests that the film adaption (film remake) ist not ›a faded imitiation of a superior authentic original...

(but) a ›citation grafted into a new context and thereby inevitably refunctioned‹ or ›disseminated‹.« (Constantine Verevis) »Generally speaking, remix culture can be defined as the global activity consisting of the creative and efficient exchange of information made possible by digital technologies that is supported by the practice of cut/copy and paste.

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