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At first, the thought of incorporating yoga into an eating disorder treatment program doesn’t seem like the wisest of ideas.

With most eating disorder patients also suffering from impaired body image as well as an unhealthy fixation upon weight and appearance, is it really a good idea to introduce them to a practice that is widely associated with sculpted physiques and thin practitioners?

In many cases the answer to this question is a confident “yes.” With proper supervision and as part of a medically sound eating disorder treatment program, yoga can, indeed, be a positive, healing experience.

Studies Show Effectiveness The ability of yoga to minimize symptoms related to eating disorders is not necessarily a new concept, but it has received increased attention in recent years.

According to a May 18, 2005 article on the medical news website , two studies conducted at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute (Sausalito, Calif.) had determined that yoga led to “less self-objectification, greater satisfaction with physical appearance, and fewer disordered eating attitudes” among adult female subjects.

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