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Economists say ending currency controls would require at least two other major changes: shoring up foreign reserves by taking on more debt, and devaluing the peso to bring it to true market value.

Macri has not waded into the policy details of a devaluation, but has repeatedly said Argentina must negotiate with a group of holdout creditors, which would allow the country to access international debt.

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While the strong hand of Fernandez's Justicialista Party helped stabilize the economy after it took power in 2003, Argentina's recovery has stalled, struggling with inflation that private economists put at over 30 percent, capital flight and increasingly frosty relations with many trading partners, including the U. The son of an Italian-born industrial magnate, the 56-year-old Macri has said his political career was inspired by his 1991 kidnapping at the hands of federal police officers, who reportedly received several million dollars in ransom from Macri's father.

Seized by several men while returning home one night, Macri was held in a basement two weeks, not allowed to see daylight or even the faces of his captors.

The ordeal, Macri has said, helped him see how poverty and violence lead people to do extreme things, situations he had never experienced growing up in a rich family.

In 2007, Macri was elected mayor of Buenos Aires and quickly showed his willingness to break political convention.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — The man who could be Argentina's next president wants to put an end to tight government currency controls, make peace with the nation's creditors and improve severely frayed ties to the United States.

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