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The Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland A's should be the wild card teams.In the National League, the Washington Nationals are projected to finish tops in the East with the best record in baseball. Louis Cardinals are projected to finish first in the NL Central while the Los Angeles Dodgers should repeat as winners of the NL East.The 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets should be the wild card teams."As a Mets fan, I am very excited that the model has them making the playoffs," he said.

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He helps run a gambling analysis website, e Grandslam, where his daily picks have beaten the odds nine of the past 14 years, and he has been the predictions champ on the site three of the past five years.

He tied for first another year."You rarely get a team exactly right," he said.

"But when I compare my standings with what really happens, I seem to come out in the top 15 percent of the projections by sports writers each year."To come up with the numbers of wins or losses, Bukiet takes the projected lineups of each team and uses the past performance of players to assess how many singles, doubles, triples, home runs and walks the team will get against the opposing team's pitcher.

He also takes into consideration home field advantage and the strength of a team's bench.

Before the start of the 2014 season, Bukiet correctly predicted that Detroit would go on to win the American League Central, the Dodgers would win the National League West, St.

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