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It's not risking much to predict the next big thing will not be the launch of a new processor, or a fancy new graphics card-it will be something that brings a new level of convenience at an affordable price point.

In the meanwhile, let us rejoice in the relentless progress of power.

Su m od_h aj el [email protected] Sumod Hajela Assistant Editor The transition from the mind-set of big, powerful hardware to computers that are 'good enough', go everywhere you need them and do things you want, is an inflection point manufacturers must cross." index magazine FEATURES The Next time you Fly, The Internet will Fly too 24 Vishal Shah talk about the far-reach of the Internet A Window to the Future 26 We take a look at display technologies that bring true 3D to your desktop and let you carry your monitor with you Let me entertain you!

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Find out what it is and why you should care More than Words 82 We spend sometime watching the Nokia 7650, and the Sony Ericsson at work Professional Net Pickers 88 Utilities to gather information from the Net and serve on your desktop PC goes to Boot Camp 92 Find out how you can boot multiple operating systems, easily!

Efficient-mail 101 We bring tips and tricks for three major e-mail clients— Outlook, Eudora, Evolution ARCADE 10 Baddest Monsters 115 We look at the scariest demons that we dared fight and conquer ^^-^^^SMSSb J w w W\w\M^. VUJ u*i Irak J ■ ■ rk i i tg- ii liu |i4ii l " iur I -■ .•Jrirah " You get to choose what goes on Digit Interactive.

"St^i^flr ft i Kv^fl n ^t ^\ MM Ww * 1 ■■J ^^Ljf f A A Let me entertain you! ..14 fc Mw T1IUI PC d U k'diail HIIPi HLNI Tmi i AHiih 1*111 lii nitai jnv bim nw T^iihr psf 1ar H3ctt» W f nrhr O^rlld! This month you have chosen: Nascar 2003 ^ Size: 119 MB Playware My Album ► 1.94 MB Mind ware mm gt rdyfr MMS It's more than what you have seen on a pixel lated monochrome screen- here comes the colourful world of MMS, full of pictures, audio and video... ■tafc Bf^ EI3 index S colophon VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 Chairman Jasu Shah Printer, Publisher and Editor Maulikjasubhai Head - Publications & Web sites Louis D'Mello Editorial Assistant Editor Sumod Hajela Writers Ahmed Shaikh, Srinivasan Ramakrishnan Copy Editors Mitali Parekh, Robert Sovereign-Smith Design Art Director Marshall Mascarenhas Manager - Design Swaroop Biswas Designers Shivasankaran C.

Mobile gaming is more than idle time pass while waiting for the bus Where there is a WLL, there is a way We look at the technology driving CDMA services 1 Professional Net Pickers All your chosen information served fresh on a platter A A The Great Indian Phone Bazaar More than 30 cell phones prove their mettle as they ring and dance to our comprehensive com pari son test A A A Window to the Future Wrap up your monitor and put it snugly into your waist-pocket. E3H Fun time with your phone More than 30 cell phones vie for your money Agent 001 on the prowl, CD-Writers beware! Pillai, Ashwin Boricha, Sachin Dalvi, Mahesh Benkar, Atul Deshmukh, Solomon Lewis Photographers Mexy Xavier, Jiten Gandhi Test Centre Head Hakimuddin K.

Your Technology Nav the Great Indian PHONE bazaar We test every foreign brand worth your money 50+ tips "G3£*^*to save time Manage your e-niail simply and effectively Play games with your phone The right CD-Writer Agent 001 unravels the X Factor HI New display technologies ^^ % P that will turn your monitor into a relic Scribble notes, manage tasks, MMSw and call too!

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