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The only way is down, this is because no man is perfect just like no woman is perfect.

I see this happening, so much with women and I swear this is why a lot of potentially good relationships don’t actually get off the ground.

Nothing is more romantic when either starting out a relationship or being in a long term relationship than showing someone you care than by sending a letter.

After another week of setting girls and guys up and listening to all the stories, a big lesson that needs to be learned ladies and gents is that of expectations!!!!

So after a weekend of setting up singles it was time to catch up with the girls and see what they where up to on the guy front.

Tash is madly in love and like most girls has already designed her wedding dress and planning on when to have babies.

(you have to laugh) and its true gents this is what girls do, before even the first date the expectations are out there – what’s he is like, what his job is etc, but little do the guys know, no matter what their job is girls have a way of embellishing what it is there men do.

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