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Sarajevo -- An explosively energetic tale of dysfunctional love and explicit sex among the post-Facebook generation, this powerful debut feature takes us inside a group of rebellious teenagers from the impoverished southern suburbs of contemporary Belgrade.

These are 21st century delinquents with their smart-phone cameras endlessly recording each other as they bully, brutalise, vandalise and star in home-made porn movies.

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Troubled teens looking for illicit kicks is hardly the most original plot, but the young Serbian writer-director Maja Milos spices some over-familiar tropes with a potent cocktail of raw-knuckled realism and full-frontal nudity.

Showing close to home in Sarajevo after winning awards and raising eyebrows at various Euro festivals, may attract some viewers for the wrong reasons.

Peppered with graphic sex, including close-up shots of realistic-looking erections, this feels like a movie designed to provoke.

But at heart it is also a well-acted and serious-minded coming-of-age drama, with a theme that is universal enough to make a respectable splash in foreign markets.

Screen novice Isidora Simijonovic gives a persuasive star performance as 16-year-old Jasna, a fiery beauty with a self-destructive crush on her bullying, emotionally aloof, 18-year-old schoolmate Djole (Vukasin Jasnic).

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