Camping at debden house essex

When I was 20, I worked in France on a campsite for Keycamp in Brittany, and had absolutely no qualms living in a tent for three months. That’s not to say I still haven’t retained a bit of an outdoorsy side.

It cost us £20 each for two nights, and we had two pitches. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get enough camping stuff for three adults and two kids in one car, but in my friend Lindsey’s words ‘it will be fun, it will be like Tetris’. Especially when we went to Tesco shopping and the girls proclaimed ‘we don’t need bags’. We had a gazebo for our pitch, and as you can imagine a couple of drinks down, two tents and a gazebo and two really excited kids to occupy is a challenge. The great thing about Debden House, is that you can have pitches with a camp fire and BBQ.

We smashed it, but only because the gazebo was getting on our tits so much we just taped it together. We built a fire on both nights, obviously on the first night I couldn’t help collect firewood because I was ‘guarding the stuff’.

Do a bit of planning ahead, and you can get a pitch like ours which is right next to Epping forest.

Great turnout when you need wood, not so good when your mate loudly proclaims how many murders there’s been in there.

Debden House is by no means a raving place, but with a fire and some good tunes you can occupy yourself.

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