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After that she was forced to sleep with a 25-year-old Japanese man for and then a Chinese man for , After spending a month in a rented flat with a Frenchman she went to work at a “club.” She eventually was freed by police and was given se assistance.

In the early 2000s the child sex industry operated quite openly in front of authorities, who did nothing about it and were paid quite well to do nothing.

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But the pimp had paid good money for the girl and refused to give her up.

The police protected the brothel, so the mother had to leave without her daughter. He beat me until I was nearly unconscious, then tore my clothes off and raped me.

That girl, now probably dead of AIDS, haunts me still. Kristof, New York Times, January 29, 2005] A 14-year-old Cambodia girl told the Independent her first client was a Chinese man. Afterwards the boss of my brothel ordered me to have sex with many men. I don’t want to, he screamed at me and put a gun to my head.” The girl told the i Independent “I worked from 9am to until 3am.

Sometimes I was sick and the boss cursed me and said I’d be a prostitute until I died because I owed him so much money.

One day a man came and took me to a village outside Phnom Penh.

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