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Today I won’t be reviewing a product but instead I’m going to talk about my struggle with acne and what worked for me. Clean and clear was a joke and Ultra Clearasil dried my skin so bad that it started to flake. Himalaya Herbals Neem facepack’s visible effects were as temporary as Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil products effects.

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I’m going to share with you girls today the few tips that helped me with my acne.

I have combination skin, so anyone with same skin types please take notes!

• I stopped using normal body soap for my face and started using a simple face wash for oily skin.

Face washes for Acne didn’t work for me because they would dry out my skin more than my pus filled pimples.

You can use any face wash for oily skin but make sure it isn’t too drying. I started using a very affordable Ponds Oil Control Face Wash and Nivea Visage for mixed-oily skin.

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