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No, firing a few more people to get your business under 15 employees won’t help.Also, no, it’s not going to be good for business to fire your PR person, openly and outspokenly, for her religious beliefs and pregnancy.

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A thread on Reddit is getting massive attention after an anonymous poster, who claims to be a Christian business owner in Texas, posted, asking for legal advice.

Specifically, the business owner wondered how he could legally fire an employee for being unwed, pregnant, and not a Christian.

The poster has been accused of trolling, but whether or not his question is serious, it’s leading to discussion about hiring discrimination, and the feelings of some devout religious individuals about hiring those whose beliefs differ.

While the purported Christian business owner, who goes by the screen name Poor Representation WW, deleted his post, another redditor grabbed a screen cap of it first.

After briefly describing his business model, the purported owner speaks of an employee who he says has recently become a problem.

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