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Some cheaper Barbies still come with a simple dress and shoes, but then, to add some more clothes to her doll's closet, the girl either has to buy a new doll or have someone make her some.

That's one of the reasons I definitely prefer Blythe dolls. Although official separate clothes sets are rare, that surely comes from so many fans making and selling all kinds of outfits, from the most simple to the most intricate fantasy outfit.

For me they're just right, their bodies are very well proportioned and their big heads are perfect to create hats or do hair styling.

As I make my doll's outfits (90% of their wardrobe is Leo COUTURE), they have a more versatile closet than my own.

With this and the growth of online shopping, I lost the small interest I had in Barbie dolls and I long ago lost it on Action Man.

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