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When the series is completed, a characters sub-article should then be proposed for creation. It is therefore much easier and more manageable for all concerned to edit and make improvements to one, organized main article, through its different sections.I believe most pepole know of the old 32kb limit (if not, see Wikipedia: Article size). When the series is complete, I believe then should be the best time for other sub-articles, but not now, in my opinion.

Besides, the series is planned to have 25 episodes. While editing the chara section, the other sections (which aren't any less important) are neglected.

By dividing the characters section into an article of it's own, it'll be far easier to reach all the sections.

Also, I don't understand - by cramming all the information on one article it'll be easier for editors? Kurigiri , 29 November 2006 (UTC)As the series is an ongoing one, there is therefore indeed much left to be revealed, especially about the main characters, so I think it best a characters section be created when a complete amount of information is revealed, to provide ample space for expansion.

In my humble opinion, I don't really think the other sections are being neglected, instead I actually believe they've been expanded quite well over the past few months, but I think it would be much easier to manage the overall article, for the time being, if the format is left within one article.

I'd like to go through the history and put this information back somewhere; soliciting suggestions as to where to put it. ) I have a particular vested interest in ensuring that Eiji Nakada's name is tied to the project in the article, as I find mechanical designers are regrettably overlooked by US anime enthusiasts.

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