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Present: Gudrun Buehl John Cotsonis Sebastian Heath John Hudson Michael Jeffreys Joel Kalvesmaki Eric Mc Geer Deborah Maron (session 4) Ross Mills Cecile Morrisson Margaret Mullett John Nesbitt Vivien Prigent Charlotte Roueche Werner Seibt Jonathan Shea Claudia Sode Michael Sohn (session 2) Kathy Sparkes Lioba Theis (session 4) Gunder Varinlioglu (session 4) Alicia Walker Shalimar Fojas White (sessions 2 and 4) Jan Ziolkowski The workshop was convened, following the meeting in London in May, to address the problems of publishing Byzantine seals in the digital age.

The aim of the meeting was to develop a means of bringing the Dumbarton Oaks collection most efficiently and effectively before a scholarly public and also to proceed in step with the sigillographic and numismatic communities around the world in the development of methods of electronic cataloguing and international standards.

a) Athena Ruby (Tuesday, Session 1) a) We created a list of fields which would be used to enter seals into catalogues participating in the Sigi Doc project.

b) Charlotte Roueche was tasked with expanding the existing Epi Doc schema into Sigi Doc.

Hugh Williams & Hanna Bail 16 Summit Street, Philmont (Farm House) Mailing: PO Box 323, Philmont 518-672-5509 [email protected] Valley Bounty member Sites: Philmont (at the Farmhouse) Tuesday, Friday afternoon to Saturday morning Months of Operation: early June to Thanksgiving Fruit - as long as available Types of Share: Fruit, Vegetable Cost: please call for details A 200 acre family farm in which 30 acres are used in the production of over 50 different types of vegetables, many of which are heirloom and open pollinated varieties.

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