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Can you hint about what’s coming up for your characters? EBERLE: I think Weiss would…she would think a long time about who she wants to date, because she is very analytical and will really get into everything and over-analyze it, so if she were to get with anyone, it’d be someone that we haven’t seen yet, who might be a little older, more her pace and her style.

ZECH: Well, it’s no secret Blake has that very dark, mysterious past that’s obviously gonna come to light and gonna play into what’s happening this season, because the Faunus, we’re there at the very end and does things that Blake doesn’t feel they should do. Since I mentioned fans, RTX just ended recently, and it was the first RTX since RWBY had aired, not just sneak peeks and stuff.

So yeah, everything will eventually surface and we’ll definitely play a larger role. What’s it like going to RTX, interacting with fans, seeing cosplay? ZECH: Last year I was a Guardian, I’ve been a Guardian at RTX every year and I’ve always just been the help—a volunteer—and this year I wasn’t able to walk the convention floor without being stopped. You always wanna stop and be nice because we love our fans, but it’s hard because you can’t reach every single person and you always want to.

EBERLE: Definitely, and Weiss, too, since we know she’s an heiress to the Dust company and we get to learn a little bit more about that and kind of where she comes from in that kind of a stance, and we might get to visit some new places that we haven’t seen before, but we can’t spoil anything. One of the fan questions I got was: if you could choose a romance for your character, who do you think you’d want your character to end up with? And I absolutely love it, I love interacting and talking with people, but it was day and night between the one before it and this year’s RTX, it was just crazy. EBERLE: It’s insane that 30,000 people know your name, it’s a little bit scary and surreal and exciting, just walking down the convention hall and people are yelling Kara! So we try to talk as much as we possibly can, but sometimes we gotta get to places.

If you didn’t know about them all ready, you’ve probably heard about Rooster Teeth recently when they were able to raise $2.4 million on Indiegogo for their first feature length movie Lazer Team.

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